Downtime at friday night, 14.1. and LeMill v.3.0.11

Our hosting company is moving to newer, faster servers and the move will require our main database to be out of service for the time required for transfer of files. The break will occur at late friday night, probably between 22-03.

Otherwise, the year has started well with another small upgrade last weekend (8-9.1). Added features include:

  • Added a link to member’s collections at member’s profile page.
  • Added a link to browse those resources that don’t have language / subject / tags set. Now anyone can help to add languages / subjects / tags to those ┬áresources that miss these. Especially language is important, because if it is not set, the resource is often not listed.
  • Removed option ‘other people can only edit a copy of this resource’ as it was used with too light causes. Incremental evolution of learning resources and co-operation is what LeMill endorses.
  • Added support for embedding Google Docs, Presentations, Spreadsheet, Forms and Drawing into webpages and exercises.
  • Translations are temporarily disabled as we are designing a better solution for supporting them without creating unnecessary or unintended copies of resources.

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