LeMill updated, new PILOTs.

Preparing for annual ITK-days, the largest education technology event in Finland, we had to finally push an update to LeMill. There are few interesting features and some inner changes that prepare the base for nice new things in near future.

List of changes:

  • New PILOT-player: should be more robust than the previous one and includes a fullscreen mode to make it better suitable to show in class.
  • Embedding PILOTs. Pilots can be embedded into your blog much like YouTube videos or LeMill’s collections. When viewing a PILOT resource, the embed code is on the left side. Copy it to your clipboard and paste into your blog. (The feature to notice that now this is embedded into another page and offer a link back to LeMill is not there yet.)
  • New text editor. Our previous easy-to-use text editor was quite problematic to maintain or modify, and we shifted to use tinyMCE-editor. For those who use WordPress it should be familiar already: I’ve found that it is easier to modify and because of its huge userbase, it should be easy to upgrade. I’ve tried to keep the functionality as much like it was before; the table editor needs still some work, as tinyMCE:s default has too many features (and buttons) and the current table button doesn’t do enough alone. (To remove table, now it is easiest to switch to source mode and remove everything between table-tag and /table.) As a new feature I added Undo- and Redo-buttons. There are lots and lots features available for that editors, but our policy has always been to try to keep them in minimum to not distract with superfluous adjusting.
  • Rewrote adding Media Pieces to Webpages and other similar resources. The difference is now only cosmetic, but inside there has been a prelimenary work for easier resource editing with less visible loading and saving of pages.
  • With large groups and long lists of friends, only the first five names are displayed and other are folded behind ‘Show more…’-link. Don’t worry, clicking it won’t cause a slow page load.
  • Simplified steps to create content and REMOVED ability to create Presentations, School Projects and Print Resources. The reason for this is explained by Hans in previous post. The existing resources are still there and won’t go away. They may be converted to other resource types at some point.
  • Added resource tags to bee visible in left side bar. We hope that this way they get more use, and when they get more use, resources will have more tags and finding resources becomes easier.
  • What else? Small fixes here and there, faster section front pages — the problem where loading a content section’s front page seems to take forever is now permanently solved. Generally smaller page loads.
Let’s finish by showcasing those great PILOTs that especially Estonian teachers have made. LÄÄNEMERI:

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3 Responses to “LeMill updated, new PILOTs.”

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  2. Teemu says:

    The Pilot player is really cool! Now when one can embed them there should be also link: “show this on LeMill”. – Teemu

  3. Tarmo says:

    After the upgrade to WordPress 3.0, iframe-embeds are no longer available, so the embed at the end of the blog post is no longer visible. Sorry about that… The link works, though.