Performance issues

Hello, and apologies for late slowdowns in LeMill. We have been working really hard to fix them, but unfortunately my efforts have often been misguided: I have found some slow operation that seems to be the cause and found out how to speed this operation on our test server, and when we finally have the fixed version running in actual LeMill site, we have found that the service is still as slow as it was — the problem was elsewhere.

Now we have extremely professional people from LeMill’s hosting service looking at the issue, and as he has much more better view on how the data moves in our system, he can probably soon point where the problems are.

In mean time, I’ve found two possible causes or minor causes of slowdowns and fixed them.

Making the problem worse is that the slowdown is at its worst when restarting the service, so activating our fixes at daytime is often not worth the uncertain benefit.

I hope I can get some of the problems cleaned during tonight 15.12-16.12, 23:00 EET onwards.

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