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LeMill maintenance break at Sunday to Monday, 27-28.9.

Thursday, September 24th, 2009


We are upgrading LeMill to a new version at weekend (27-28.9) and it will require several hours of downtime. I hope we can finish the upgrade during sunday, but if something unexpected pops up, like it often does, then the process can go on until monday.

The upgrade will be a “snow leopard”, meaning no new features, but major internal changes for speed and efficiency.

  • Upgraded wysiwyg editor, the new version supports Safari, the default browser for mac users.
  • Refactored stylesheets and javascripts, both are loaded as one file shared through the whole site and about 30% in size of the previous versions. Pages should be lighter to load, especially on slow network.
  • Refactored templates, simplified them and got rid of redundant code. Pages should be a bit lighter to load.
  • Changed the logic of discussions: every resource can contain discussions, much like in wikipedia. Groups’ pages only aggregate all of discussions of their resources, the actual discussion is within the resource. Since this requires moving and rebuilding all of the existing discussions and references to them, this will be the risky part of the upgrade.
  • Refactored portal messages
  • Enabled downloading collections as pdf:s. (At this point it is still uncertain if we get this to work on server.)
  • Simplified RSS-feeds significantly. They should work as before, but they consume less processing power.
  • Refactored and enabled OAI-export that allows LeMill content to be visible for other resource repositories. New OAI-export is 13 times faster and can break large result groups into smaller batches when necessary.
  • Lots of bugfixes